Why Buy Used

Why Buy Used at Rosen Hyundai

Looking to upgrade your vehicle? Check out Rosen Hyundai-a Hyundai dealership near you. We are happy to provide you a great selection of vehicles including some quality used cars, trucks and SUVs. If you are looking to buy used, Rosen Hyundai is the place to go!

What to Know When Buying Used

There are a lot of reasons why buying a used vehicle could be the best option for you. Check out some of those reasons below and check out Rosen Hyundai's used vehicle inventory.

  • It's Affordable - One of the biggest reasons people buy used cars is because it is more affordable. You can save money with a lower car payment, and you can still get a great and reliable vehicle because so many vehicles are built to last a long time.
  • Lower Insurance Costs - It's not just the car that costs you money when you upgrade. You also have to take into account the other costs that go with vehicle ownership. One of those other costs is insurance. When you buy a used vehicle, you will have lower insurance costs because your insurance estimate is partially based on the value of the vehicle.
  • Lower Registration Fees - Along with the costs of owning a car is the registration fees. Registration fees are often determined, in part, based on the age of the car. This isn't true for every state, but for many states, buying a used car could help you save on car registration.
  • Less Depreciation - In the first couple years of their life, a new car's value depreciates very quickly. It is estimated the car's value will decrease 30% in just the first year. However, after that, the depreciation is much slower. That means, if you buy a used vehicle, you won't lose the value as quickly as buying a new vehicle.

Those are just a few reasons to buy a used vehicle. If you are looking to buy a used vehicle today, check out the inventory at Rosen Hyundai.

Used Car Auto Financing

We also have a great Finance Department to help you find the financing the fits with your budget. A vehicle is a big purchase, so you want to be sure you are getting what you need, and you get it at a price that works for your life. You can get pre-approved online with our online finance application. If you are looking to Finance your next Hyundai purchase, look no further than the finance experts at Rosen Hyundai. We are happy to help you get what you need to upgrade today. Come down to Rosen Hyundai to upgrade to your next vehicle. Whether you are looking for new or used vehicles, we have a great selection to suit your lifestyle and your needs. There are many great reasons to buy used vehicles, and we are happy to help you buy a used vehicle today. Come down to 771 South Randall Road in Algonquin, IL to find your next vehicle or check out our inventory online. 


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