One of the most impressive active safety features to be offered with the latest Hyundai models for sale at Rosen Hyundai in Algonquin, IL is Smart Cruise Control, a type of radar-based adaptive cruise control system.  Since many drivers may be asking themselves what active cruise control even is, however, Rosen Hyundai has put together a question and answer page that describes what Hyundai Smart Cruise control is, how it works, and why it's useful.


What is Smart Cruise Control?

Smart Cruise Control is an active safety technology that enables equipped Hyundai models to automatically maintain a driver-selected distance from any vehicle that is ahead in the same lane.  Like a conventional cruise control system, Smart Cruise Control is able to keep a Hyundai at a specified highway speed without the need for continuous driver pressure on the accelerator.  Unlike conventional cruise control, however, Smart Cruise Control is able to sense when any preceding vehicles have slowed down or stopped and, in response, adjust the Hyundai's speed to keep a safe distance.  When equipped with Stop and Go, Smart Cruise Control can even put the Hyundai back in motion after it has stopped.


How Does Smart Cruise Control Work?

Like other types of adaptive cruise control, Hyundai Smart Cruise Control is an active safety system that enables equipped vehicles to react to their environment automatically.  As part of the system, a forward-mounted radar system continuously emits low-powered radar waves that reflect off of the preceding car in the same lane, which gives the radar system exact data on the distance and speed of that car.  Since radar waves travel at the speed of light, this feedback loop is essentially instantaneous.  If the Hyundai Smart Cruise Control-equipped vehicle is following a car that slows down or stops, the radar system detects that the range and closing speed between the two automobiles has changed and automatically tells the Hyundai's engine to reduce power to compensate.  If necessary, the Smart Cruise Control system can completely stop the Hyundai.


Is Smart Cruise Control Reliable?

While the current Hyundai models for sale at Rosen Hyundai in Algonquin, IL are part of the first generation of automobiles to be equipped with adaptive cruise control (which is the general classification systems like Hyundai Smart Cruise Control are grouped under), the underlying technology has been proven for generations.  During the Korean War, American fighter aircraft first employed nose-mounted radar range-finding units to detect the speed and distance of enemy aircraft, which enabled their gunsights to automatically adjust for improved accuracy.  Nearly two decades later, a radar range-finding system that was based on the same engineering principles as Hyundai Smart Cruise Control was used to enable the Apollo Program's lunar excursion and command modules to safely dock while orbiting the moon.

In short, while the technology behind radar-based adaptive cruise control systems such as that used by Hyundai Smart Cruise Control is new to the auto industry, the underlying science has been a mainstay in the aerospace world for decades.


What Are the Advantage of Cars With Adaptive Cruise Control in General and Hyundai Smart Cruise Control in Particular?

Cars with adaptive cruise control have several advantages when it comes to both safety and driver comfort.  The most obvious of these is that the combined sensor/computer system can react far faster to a rapidly changing situation than any normal human being can, which increases overall highway safety.  Cars with adaptive cruise control systems that are based on radar technology such as that used by Hyundai Smart Cruise Control can also 'see' preceding vehicles at night, in fog, or during stormy conditions.  This means that, beyond simply having better reaction time than a human, the Hyundai Smart Cruise Control system can actually sense changes with any vehicle that is ahead on the road that the driver's eye may miss.  Finally, cars with adaptive cruise control systems help diminish driver fatigue by taking over acceleration/deceleration duties during stop and go traffic.

It should be noted that, unlike the optical or laser-based systems used on cars with adaptive cruise control systems from some other brands, Hyundai's Smart Cruise Control functions even when the grille/fascia of the Hyundai is dirty or covered in snow.


For a Hyundai Dealership that Carries Multiple Smart Cruise Control-Equipped Models, Visit Rosen Hyundai!

Now that local drivers understand how Smart Cruise Control works, they'll undoubtedly want to know where they can find a Hyundai dealership that carries equipped models.  The answer to that question is simple, as Rosen Hyundai at 771 South Randall Road in Algonquin carries several current and upcoming 2016/2017 Hyundai vehicles, such as the 2017 Santa Fe and 2017 Sonata, that are available with both Smart Cruise Control and other active safety technologies.  For more on these and other 2017 Hyundai models, or simply to learn more about Hyundai Smart Cruise Control, call (888) 757-5628.


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