The Hyundai Rearview Camera System Makes Parking or Pulling Out of A Driveway Worry-Free

Ever run over a bike or hit a sign while backing up?  That never has to happen again, as the Rearview Camera system that's either standard or available on most Hyundai models for sale at Rosen Hyundai in Algonquin, IL not only gives drivers more confidence while in reverse, but is also easy to use.  But how, exactly, does the Hyundai Rearview Camera system work?


What is a Rearview Camera?

As the name implies, the Rearview Camera system incorporates a backup cam that provides the driver with an unobstructed image of the area immediately behind the automobile while it's in reverse.  Besides the obvious ways it helps with parking a large auto, rear camera technology also enables drivers of smaller cars to see if any objects have been left on the ground immediately behind the vehicle.  A more advanced version of the Rearview Camera called the Multi-View Camera works in a similar way, only it is able to project images from multiple angles around the Hyundai.


How does the Rearview Camera Work?

On most Hyundai vehicles that are equipped with a Rearview Camera system, a small digital camera has been embedded on the trunk or rear hatch of the vehicle, usually behind the Hyundai badge.  When the vehicle goes into reverse, the rear camera pops up from behind the badging and instantly angles itself to capture a view that is both behind and slightly angled downward from the car.  The image it records is then sent to a screen on the Hyundai's dash in real time, giving the driver instantaneous viewing of whatever is behind the vehicle.  When the car transitions back to forward drive, the backup cam retreats back into the Hyundai badging, which then closes, and the overall Rearview Camera system shuts off, with the entire operation being automatic and driver-friendly.


How Reliable Are Backup Cameras in General, and the Hyundai Rearview System in Particular?

Digital cameras have been in popular consumer use since the 1990s, so the basic technology behind most auto rear camera products, and the Hyundai Rearview Camera system in particular, is fully mature and entirely proven.  While hand-held/personal digital cameras do occasionally fail, the reasons are usually related to either the battery or a detachable memory storage system.  As the Rearview Camera system that's either standard or available on most Hyundai models for sale at Rosen Hyundai in Algonquin, IL draws from the vehicle's electrical system and isn't used with a detachable memory device, it doesn't experience these issues.


It should also be noted that, unlike backup cam setups where the lens is directly exposed to the elements at all times, the rear camera that's used as part of the Hyundai Rearview Camera system is protected behind the badging on most equipped vehicles except when in use.  This seals it off from rain, snow, ice, dust, and light contact.


What are the Other Advantages of the Hyundai Rearview Camera System?

The most obvious advantage of the Hyundai Rearview Camera system is that it gives the driver real time images of anything that may be behind the vehicle.  This can help prevent fender-benders, backing up into a wall, sign, or other barrier, and damage to items that may have been left on the ground, such as toys.  More importantly, the Hyundai Rearview Camera system that's available at Algonquin Hyundai can also prevent injury to pedestrians. 


What makes the Hyundai Rearview Camera system better than other auto rear camera systems?  As Edmunds and other publications have noted, it creates an exceptionally clear, bright picture that is simply easier to understand than that created by the cheaper devices in other cars.


Any Driver who is Searching for Cars with Backup Cameras is Invited to Stop By Rosen Hyundai in Algonquin

If a driver is in the market for cars with backup cameras, one of the things they should know is that the Rearview Camera system is standard on even the most budget-friendly trims of many Hyundai models. To try the Rearview Camera out firsthand or even simply to learn more about it, those drivers are invited to call (888) 757-5628 or stop by Rosen Hyundai a local Hyundai dealership at 771 S. Randall Road in Algonquin, IL today!


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