The new Hands Free Smart Trunk that's available at Rosen Hyundai is yet another technology from Hyundai that makes motoring more convenient.  Whereas other smart car trunk systems require drivers or passengers to make a motion or press a button to release the trunk, the Hands Free Smart Trunk automatically opens when it senses that the driver's fob is approaching.  This means that whoever is trying to access the trunk never has to shift what they're carrying or make an awkward movement with their hands or legs to get the Hands Free Smart Trunk to pop open.

How Does the Hands Free Smart Trunk Work?

Once activated through an equipped Hyundai vehicle's system settings menu, the Hands Free Smart Trunk automatically detects the presence of the driver's fob through wireless transponder technology.  As the driver or anyone with the fob in their pocket or purse approaches the rear of the vehicle, it starts to beep.  If the person carrying the fob is still near the rear of the Hyundai after the fourth beep, the trunk automatically releases.  At no point does the person who is trying to access the trunk have to press a button, flip a release, or even make a gesture with their body.  They don't even have to touch the fob. The Hands Free Smart Trunk is also designed to prevent accidental openings, as it will only trigger after the fob has been away from the Hyundai for over 15 seconds.  This means that it will never open while anyone with the fob is in the car or simply moving around the Hyundai in a garage setting.  Simply put, distance has to be placed between an equipped Hyundai and fob before the Hands Free Smart Trunk is armed.

What Advantages Does the Hands Free Smart Trunk Have Over Other Smart Car Trunk Systems?

The most obvious advantage the Hyundai Hands Free Smart Trunk has over other smart car trunk systems is that it doesn't require any effort by the driver or passengers to activate other than approaching the rear of an equipped Hyundai.  Most other smart car trunk systems, on the other hand, require the driver or passengers to waive a foot beneath the rear bumper.  While that may not be inconvenient in controlled situations, it can actually be somewhat dangerous if the person opening the trunk is forced to balance themselves on one foot while carrying heavy bags or is behind a car that's parked on a busy street.  Having to stand on one leg, while holding packages may also be difficult for a person who has difficulty walking or the elderly.

Are There New Cars at Rosen Hyundai that Have a Hands Free Smart Trunk?

Absolutely.  There are currently many vehicles at Rosen Hyundai that incorporate it as a standard feature.   For more on Hyundai Hands Free Smart Trunk, call (888) 271-1804 or visit your Hyundai dealer at 771 South Randall Road today!


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